In the last year, Bresee’s one-stop campus served a total of 6,318 moderate and low-income families and youth.

Services Youth Adults & Families Total
Youth Programs 1,060 1,060
Family Services 1,590 1,590
Gang Prevention 125 294 422
QueensCare Health Center 2,164 1,082 3,246
Total 3,352 2,966 6,318


Bresee’s afterschool staff members provided 1,060 middle school and high school students with structured daily after school programs, highlights include:

  • 246 middle schoolers were tutored daily, with 83% increasing their grades and 100% grade level promotion. Bresee offered study hall to 124 high schoolers.
  • 300 youth were equipped with college prep services and 161 youth with college tours, resulting in 95% of seniors enrolling in college.
  • 130 high schoolers were provided with SAT preparation classes, with an average 163-point increase in test scores.
  • 12 Bresee alumni were awarded $30,825 in needs-based scholarships.
  • 64 youth received career-readiness and paid internships, with 100% reporting increased knowledge and sense of career direction.


Bresee’s Family Services team served 1,590 moderate and low-income families with financial support services, highlights include:

  • 2,351 low-income families increased their family income with a total aggregate of $575,730 through free tax assistance, health services, health insurance, jobs, financial aid, and childcare in collaboration with the Wilshire FSC.
  • 1,750 were provided with transportation services through the Rider Relief valued at $76,200.
  • 64 high school students earned over $50,000 in total through paid internships.
  • 35 individuals received $33,604 total in emergency assistance including emergency rental assistance, furniture, food, clothing, support with utilities bills and kitchen appliances.
  • 50 adults were referred to VITA tax preparation events.
  • 70 parents and 49 youth received financial literacy classes.
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for 18 youth, 70 adults in conjunction with Los Angeles City College.


Bresee’s Gang Prevention team provided 422 of the most at-risk youth and their family members in the Olympic GRYD Zone with intensive case management, family counseling, and youth development activities.


QueensCare provided 3, 246 low-income families in the community with on-site pediatric care.


In the last decade, Bresee’s proven model has:

  • Through mentoring and case management, become a second home to 10,000 youth and family members.
  • Offered over $150,000 in emergency family assistance since 2010.
  • Awarded over $530,000 in college scholarships to 112 alumni.
  • Provided career-readiness, and paid internships to 560 youth, linking older youth to credentials, higher education, and employment.
  • Assisted over 3,000 students with college prep, SAT workshops, college tours, and FAFSA classes.
  • Provided 169 youth with gang prevention services since 2012, and worked with over 600 first-time offenders referred from other agencies.
  • Hosted ten Annual Youth Film Festivals on Social Justice.